Western tradition credits Plato with establishing the Academy in Ancient Greece for the purpose of research. Although application varies by discipline, the essential elements of research include the discovery of human perspectives, systematic inquiry at the boundaries of human experience, and creation of products that expand human knowledge.

Discovery, inquiry and creativity are evident in the 143 presentations composing the 2019 Student Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) at Carroll College. Students have discovered and studied the perspectives of scholars with shared interests. They have applied the tools and skills unique to their discipline to make inquiries beyond our current understanding. By participating in this festival, they will share an original creative product meant to expand our knowledge. We celebrate their achievements and hope to stimulate future scholars to participate in the never-ending research tradition.

Congratulations to the student participants. Your efforts have earned you the title of scholar. Thank you to the faculty mentors. Apprenticeship learning is a labor-intensive endeavor that extends the student experience beyond the discovery phase into the realm of authentic scholarship.

Thank you to the members of the SURF committee (Dr. Eric Sullivan, Dr. Ryan Hallows, Dr. Jeanette Fregulia, and Dr. Brandon Sheafor) for your academic oversight of this event. Thank you to Ms. Maria Larson who provided expertise in logistics, programming and promotion and for coordinating SURF as part of the 2019 inauguration of Dr. John Cech as the 18th President of Carroll College.

-- Dr. Grant Hokit